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Setting up the TFS

  • Installing the Team Foundation Server 2012
  • Configuring the Team Foundation Server
  • Creating the Team Project Collection
  • Creating the Team Project
  • Looking at the default databases and the default files in TFS

Introduction to MSBuild.exe

  • Building the C#.Net,VB.Net,ASP.Net solutions from VSTS IDE
  • Building the Azure, SQL soluions from VSTS IDE
  • Things that a Build Engineer to focus on while building ?
  • Explaing the "Properties" tab of the Projects
  • Introduction to Parameters, ItemArrays,Targets in MSBuild.exe

Configuring the Build Controller

  • Creating the Build Agents
  • Creating a build definition with the default process template
  • Building C#.Net,VB.Net,ASP.NET solutions with Build definition
  • Role of Build Controller and Agents in Building the applications
  • Explaining all the tabs of a Build definition
  • Day-to-Day build issues
  • Special focus on Gated check-in builds
TFS Operations from IDE
  • Get Latest
  • Check Out Edit
  • Check In
  • Get Specific
  • Creating Labels
  • Rollback
  • Undo Pending Changes
  • Shelve Pending Changes
  • View History
  • Branching
  • Merging
  • Lock
  • ChangeSet

Accessing the TFS From Command Prompt

  • tf add
  • tf changeset
  • tfs checkin
  • tfs diff
  • tfs undo

Customizing the Build Process template

  • Explaining about WWF XAML default template
  • Explaining about how to pass parameters to template
  • Creating a custom activity
  • Integrating the custom activity with the template
Advanced Custom activities in XAML and TFS API
  • AssemblyVersioning Custom activity
  • Invoking Powershell / custom Exe from template
  • Generating CodeMetrics Custom activity

Customizing the TFS WorkItem template

  • Exporting the Workitem template
  • Adding a new field to template
  • Importing the template
  • Bidirectinal state change for the new field
  • Configuring the TFS Alerts

What is powershell ? Why powershell is famour for scripting ?

  • Powershell architecture ? Powershell Operators ?
  • Powershell cmdlets
  • Powershell Functions
  • Accessing the Build definitions from powershell file
  • Displaying the build definitions and time taken from powershell file
  • Retrieving the disc space alerts using powershell