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PHP Online Training

Introduction to PHP.

  • PHP Installation.
  • Variables, Statements, Operators.
  • Control Statements.

Conditional Statements

  • If, If-else and If- else If condition
  • For Switch condition

Looping Statements

  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do – While Loop

Arrays and Functions

  • Types of Arrays
  • Numeric Arrays
  • Associative Arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays

Types of Functions

  • User Defined function Definition and Calling
  • Arguments Passing as Call by References and Call by value
  • Include/Import/Require function for loading external Defined functions

String and Date Functions

  • Working with String/Date Functions

Classes and Objects.

  • Introduction of Class, Declaration
  • Class Declaration with properties and functions
  • Objects, Accessing Class properties, functions using the objects
  • Creating Objects and accessing Class properties and functions
  • Inheritance & Function Overloading
  • Creating child class and inherit the parent class properties and functions

Working with Forms

  • Data passing between the Pages using a FORM
  • Form Submission with POST method
  • Form Submission with GET method
  • Data Passing between the Pages using Query String /Hidden Variable
  • Query String with A link.
  • Hidden variable with a form.

Sessions and Cookies

  • Session Declaration, Storing/Retrieving data from a Session
  • Data passing between the pages with session objects
  • Cookies Declaration, Storing, Retrieving and delete data from a Cookie
  • Data passing between the pages with Cookie objects

Working with File Systems

  • Working with Files
  • Reading/Writing data from/into a file
  • Reading data from a file and process with string functions Working with Folders
  • Reading files from a folder and copy into another folder


  • Introduction, Database Management
  • Database Management from MySQL prompt
  • For Database Management from PhpMyAdmin

MySql Table Interation

  • Working with Tables –SQL Queries
  • Running SQL commands for Insert/Update/Delete data from a Table
  • Running SQL commands for Retrieving data from a Table
  • Working with Join Queries
  • Running SQL commands for Retrieving data
  • from More than one Table
  • Database Administration with PHPMyAdmin

MySql Interaction from PHP 

  • Retrieving Data from a table using PHP
  • Displaying all Students info into a list page from a table
  • Displaying all Students info into a list page based on user
  • Search criteria
  • Inserting Data from PHP Page to a tables
  • Pushing Student information into db tables using PHP
  • Updating Data from PHP Page to a tables
  • Updating Existing Student Information into db tables using


  • Insert/Update Table information in a single page
  • Inserting/updating Student Information into db tables using
  • PHP from a single page
  • Student Information  inserting into db tables using
  • PHP session objects.


  • Introduction & Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Getting dynamic data into specified locations of the page.
  • For dynamic data loading into a list box.
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