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AWK Online Training

Introduction to AWK

  • Basic Structure
  • Executing an AWK script
  • Which shell to use with AWK?
Dynamic Variables
  • The Essential Syntax of AWK
  • Arithmetic Expressions
  • Unary arithmetic operators
  • The Autoincrement and Autodecrement Operators

Assignment Operators

Conditional expressions


Regular Expressions


Commands in AWK


AWK Built-in Variables

  • FS - The Input Field Separator Variable
  • OFS - The Output Field Separator Variable
  • NF - The Number of Fields Variable
  • NR - The Number of Records Variable
  • RS - The Record Separator Variable
  • ORS - The Output Record Separator Variable
  • FILENAME - The Current Filename Variable

Associative Arrays

  • Multi-dimensional Arrays
  • Example of using AWK's Associative Arrays

Scripting Outputs

  • Picture Perfect PRINTF Output
  • PRINTF - formatting output
  • Explicit File output
Formatting in AWK
  • Escape Sequences
  • Format Specifiers
  • Width - specifying minimum field size
  • Left Justification
  • The Field Precision Value

Exponents, logs and square roots


Truncating Integers


"Random Numbers


The Lotto script


Functions in AWK

  • AWK Numerical Functions
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • String Functions
  • The Length function
  • The Index Function
  • The Substr function
  • GAWK's Tolower and Toupper function
  • The Split function
  • NAWK's string functions
  • The Match function
  • The System function
  • The Getline function
  • The systime function
  • The Strftime function
  • User Defined Functions
AWK patterns


Formatting AWK programs


Environment Variables
  • ARGC - Number or arguments (NAWK/GAWK)
  • ARGV - Array of arguments (NAWK/GAWK)
  • ARGIND - Argument Index (GAWK only)
  • SUBSEP - Multi-dimensional array separator (NAWK/GAWK)


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