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Data Warehousing Concepts:
Introduction to Data Warehousing

  • What is Data Warehousing?
  • Who needs Data Warehousing?
  • Why Data Warehouse is required?
  • Types of Systems
  • OLTP
  • OLAP
  • Maintenance of Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehousing Life Cycle

Database Design and Data Modeling

  • Source
  • Integration Layer
  • Staging Area
  • Target
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • ODS

Multi-Dimensional Modeling

  • What is dimension modeling?
  • Difference between ER modeling and dimension modeling
  • What is a Dimension?
  • What is a Fact?
  • Start Schema
  • Snow Flake Schema
  • Difference between Star and snow flake schema
  • Fact Table
  • Different types of facts
  • Dimensional Tables
  • Fact less Fact Table
  • Confirmed Dimensions
  • Unconfirmed Dimensions
  • Junk Dimensions
  • Monster Dimensions
  • Degenerative Dimensions
  • What are slowly changing Dimensions?
  • Different types of SCD’s

IBM WebSphere DataStage and Quality Stage, Versions 8.0.1Contents

  • Introduction about Data Stage
  • Difference between Data Stage 7.5.2 and 8.0.1
  • What’s new in Data Stage 8.0.1?
  • What is way ahead in Data Stage?
  • IBM Information Server architecture
  • Datastage within the IBM Information Server architecture
  • Difference between Server Jobs and Parallel Jobs
  • Difference between Pipeline Parallelism and Partition Parallelism
  • Partition techniques (Round Robin, Random,

Hash, Entire, Same, Modules, Range, DB2, Auto

  • Configuration File
  • Difference between SMP/PMP(Cluster) Architecture
  • Data stage components (Server components /Client components)


  • Introduction about Designer
  • Repository
  • Palette
  • Type of Links
  • File Stages
  • Sequential file
  • Dataset file
  • File set
  • Lookup file set
  • Difference between Sequential file/Dataset/File set
  • Overview of iWay, Classic federation and netezza
  • Database Stages
  • Dynamic RDBMS
  • Oracle Enterprise
  • ODBC Enterprise
  • Stored Procedure

Processing Stages

  • Change Capture
  • Compare Stage
  • Difference Stage
  • Aggregate Stage
  • Transformer Stage
  • Difference between basic transformer and transformer
  • Surrogate Generator Stage
  • Join Stage
  • Merge Stage
  • Lookup Stage
  • Difference between Join/Lookup/Merge
  • Difference between Join/Lookup
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Switch
  • Pivot
  • Modify
  • Funnel
  • Generic stage
  • Different types of sorting and sort stage.
  • Different types of combining and collecting techniques.
  • Filter
  • External filter
  • Difference between filter, External filter and switch stages.
  • SCD stage
  • Encode and decode stages
  • FTP stage
  • Adding job parameters to a job
  • Parameter set
  • Difference between partitioning and re partitioning
  • Run time column propagation
  • Schema files

Debugging Stage

  • Head
  • Tail
  • Pea
  • Row Generator
  • Column Generator
  • Sample

Data stage Director

  • Introduction to Data stage Director
  • Job Status View
  • View logs
  • Scheduling
  • Batches Creation
  • Cleaning resources using Administrator
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