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BusinessEvents Introduction
  • Introduction to BusinessEvents
  • BusinessEvents Components
  • BE Implementation Model
  • Designtime: BusinessEvents Workbench
  • Designtime: BusinessEvents Resources
  • Runtime: BusinessEvents Engine
  • BusinessEvents Rule-based System
  • BusinessEvents Enterprise Features
Events and Channels
  • BE Events
  • Event Definition, Payloads, Channel
  • Channel Configuration  Channel Destinations
  • Enabling Listeners
  • BE Palette Plug-in for BW
  • Time Event, Advisory Event
  • Lab-1 (Configure Events and Channels)
Rules and Functions
  • BE Rules
  • Anatomy of BE Rule
  • Rule Terms and Aliases
  • Rule Conditions, Actions, Functions, Execution, Language
  • Rule Exceptions
  • Rule Analyzer  BE Debugger
  • Deployment - BE Archive
  • Lab 2- Define and Test BE Rules
Concepts and Scorecards
  • Concepts, Concept datatypes, properties, Attributes
  • Concept Relationships, Instantiation
  • Working with Concept Instances
  • BE Scoreboard
  • Compare BE Events and Concepts
  • Lab 3- Model Concepts and Relationship
Rule Inferencing and Agenda
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Training
  • Rules Triggering Rules
  • Explicit Trigger
  • Creating BE Events
  • Implicit Trigger
  • Rule Priority
  • Rule Agenda
  • Forward Chaining
  • Lab 4- Implementing Rule Inferencing
Engine Deployment and Persistence
  • BE Engine Deployment
  • BE Persistence Object Manager
  • Tuning Parameters for BE Engine
  • Running BE Engine
  • BE Deployment with TIBCO Administrator
  • TIBCO Hawk Microagent Methods for BE
  • Lab 5- Deploy and Manage BE
Object State and Rule Transitions
  • BE State Machine
  • State Model Definition, State Types, Timeouts and Transitions
  • State Machine Types
  • BE State Machine Features
  • Lab 6- Creating a Simple State Machine and Complex State Machine
BusinessEvents Administration
  • Multiple Rule Sessions and Local Channel
  • Event Preprocessor
  • Hot Deployment
  • Implementing Hot Deployment
  • BE Data Cache Options
  • Lab 7- Advanced BE Deployments
  1. Cache based object management - Configuration, Deployment (Cluster) and Administration.
  2. Backing Store - Configuration, Deployment and Administration. Decision Manager-
  3. Configuration and Deployment.
  4. Inherit Events, Concepts - Configurations
  5. Rule profiler, Virtual Functions- Configuration
  6. Query Functions- Configurations
  7. Multiple engine - Configuration, Deployment
  8. Out and In process- Configuration and Deployment
  9. Standard/Special errors/exceptions and their remedy
  10. Best Practices



  • Version of BE: 5.x
  • TRA: 5.6.2
  • Database: Oracle 9i/10g


  • Processor: Pentium 4 or newer
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB
  • RAM : 1 GB Recommended
  • Data show (Projector)
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